C2C_Richard-Carter_March-2015_2This month, Army Staff Sergeant Kurt Erickson will begin leading a new team – one outside the military – at his new job at Amazon. Erickson found his position through a program run by Camo2Commerce that provides service members business training and internships at area companies.

As the education partner for Camo2Commerce’s Heroes Corporate Fellowship Academy, City University of Seattle taught business fundamentals like leadership skills and project management to service men and women transitioning from Joint Base Lewis McChord.

In the military, Erickson gained plenty of experience leading a team, but what he learned through CityU was how to empower the individuals he works with.


Arjay-ProtacioOffering advice to other transitioning military veterans, Arjay Protacio stressed the importance of utilizing available education benefits.

“As I look back, I feel I made the mistake of giving up on finishing school,” Arjay said. “Before I knew it, my education benefits had expired. But because I’m a disabled veteran I also qualified for vocational rehabilitation education benefits.”

Last year Arjay put those benefits to use and enrolled in CityU’s School of Management. Although he had plenty of work experience, Arjay said it was difficult to find employment without a college degree.


Former City University of Seattle student Anthony Craig was recently named Outstanding Young Educator of the Year by the Washington State Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development. Anthony received the 2014 recognition because of his commitment to students and staff, his leadership, and his personal achievements.

“I am honored to have received this award. I believe, though, that my work is only made possible by the collaborative work I am able to do with my community, my colleagues, and my students. I wish there were ways to honor our entire school community for their hard work! I am thankful we’re being acknowledged for our efforts to establish a school that truly serves our community.”


Everyone can pinpoint influential figures in their lives, but even at a young age Jonathan Stutz reached beyond his community and pegged national and world leaders as his personal role models. One of Jonathan’s earliest memories is watching John F. Kennedy deliver a televised speech—an event that inspired his lifetime of interest in leadership. Last year Jonathan graduated from CityU’s Master’s in Leadership program, and is currently working with organizations to apply ideas pulled from his master’s thesis.

“Being a person who wants to make a difference in this world and have an impact beyond myself, City University’s MAL program was super attractive to me, and provides an avenue to deliver greater meaning and purpose to my life,” he said.