Student Invites Others To Participate In MS Walk

Before I began interning at the Connecticut chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, I knew very little about the disease. I knew its motto was “help create a world free of MS” and I had no idea how much that entails. But working at the Connecticut chapter, I’ve witnessed the intense passion my coworkers have for raising awareness about the disease and support for those who have it, that I believe their efforts will lead to finding a cure MS.

I began my internship in January (it is also available for the summer). As a journalism major, I wanted to experience public relations, so I looked for positions on Husky Career Link. At first, I was primarily focused on improving my writing. It was not until I met and interviewed a 21-year-old who had MS that I realized there was a much more important aspect of my job. It was shocking to see someone my age battle a disease that robs mobility and independence. In just a few months he had lost control of his right leg and his vision deteriorated.

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New England Realty Gets The Boot

Konover Residential Corporation will replace New England Realty as the managing company for 13 off-campus properties by mid-November.

New England Realty has been managing the 13 complexes since ING insurance purchased the properties in 2006. Mark Melhuish, who manages investments for the ING U.S. Community Living Fund, said there was no specific reason as to why ING decided to turn over management, but that Konover’s managing approach is “customer-oriented and very well-organized,” he said.

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Grad Student Weightlifts Her Way To National Competition

After attempting weightlifting for the first time only six months ago, and in only her second professional competition, Brittny Boyd took second place and earned a shot at national competition.

Boyd, a second-year exercise science graduate student in the 63-kilogram (138-pound) weight class, lifted a total of 323 pounds – nearly 2.4 times her own weight.

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When Thin Is Too Thin

Of the many stories Courtney Martin told about eating disorders at the Dodd Center Wednesday, perhaps none was more striking than that of a freshman college student who was so determined to make the lacrosse team that she weighed 70 pounds by her second semester and had been hospitalized eight times.

Martin, the author of “Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters: The Frightening New Normalcy of Hating Your Body,” spoke to a mostly female audience about the pressures faced by contemporary girls and the outlet provided by eating disorders.

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