Community Attributes Inc. President & CEO Named King County’s Interim Economic Development Advisor

SEATTLE, WA - King County has retained the services of Community Attributes Inc. (CAI) and its president and CEO Chris Mefford to provide economic development advisory services as the county conducts a national search for a full-time Economic Development Policy Advisor for the King County Executive’s Office. Since June 2015, Mefford has served as a CEO on loan, on an on-call basis, to support the county’s economic development efforts through a contract with CAI.

Mefford has extensive experience in regional economics and has run CAI for 10 years. He specializes in providing market and feasibility analysis; economic and financial analysis; and policy analysis, including land use and transportation policies. With firm roots in the Puget Sound area, CAI has positioned itself as a regional partner in economic development.

“It’s an honor to serve King County in this way,” Mefford said. “This role allows me to continue promoting economic and community development in King County communities and the residents they serve. I’m grateful to help support economic development initiatives in a county that I call home.”

In this position Mefford provides direction on the county’s economic development interests, comprehensive plan, and outreach and coordination. His work includes mapping economic development organizations within the Puget Sound region, and identifying their alignment with King County’s strategic priorities, departments and programs. This asset mapping will illustrate where the county supports, and participates in, economic development opportunities.