Community Attributes Inc. Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

We tell data-rich stories about communities that are important to decision-makers… since 2005

SEATTLE, WA — Community Attributes Inc. (CAI), a regional leader in data analytics and economic strategy, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Since 2005, CAI has promoted sound community growth and business strategies by informing decision makers with data-driven economic analyses that demonstrate impact.

President and CEO Chris Mefford started the company in July 2005, and has grown CAI to the 25-person firm it is today. Throughout the years he and his team of experts have developed a prolific network of clients, friends and partners that most recently includes the Washington State Department of Commerce; Puget Sound Regional Council; King County; City of Seattle; Washington State University; Swedish Medical Group and Providence Medical Centers; the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and numerous municipalities, businesses and statewide industry associations. With firm roots in the Puget Sound area, CAI has positioned itself as an on-the-ground partner in regional economic development.

“What’s kept Community Attributes moving forward and growing is our continual emphasis on making an impact with our work and continual innovation, “Mefford said. “We strive to innovate in all we do, from our economic analyses, to our strategic plans, to our data visualization. I’m extremely proud to be where we are today, and am grateful to all who have contributed to our success.”

CAI was initially founded as an economic development consulting firm with a mission to help communities prosper. Over the years, the company broadened its ability to serve all sectors of data analysis, which now includes creating technology tools and online platforms that drive business decisions. CAI is led by a team of analysts and technology developers, enthused about applying their talents at a firm that aims to make the world a better place.

Principals include Mefford as president and CEO, Tyler Schrag as data systems director and junior partner, Alison Peters as principal researcher who leads the firm’s polling and survey projects, and Spencer Cohen as chief economist.