Student Profile: Reid Stell

Reid-Stell-Masters-in-CounselingReid Stell always knew he was meant to be a counselor, but it took him a while to actually make a career of it. In college he choose a career-path based on salary, and ignored his true “calling.” But fortunately he knew the value of self-reflection before he began his Masters of Counseling at CityU and at age 50 was able to determine the root of his unhappiness. Reid realized he had never followed his passion, but wasted no time going after it and soon enrolled in the counseling program at CityU.

Thinking back on it now he smiles and quotes Thoreau’s Walden – “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation.” – and says that used to be him.

“Everything was fine except for my career, which is a big part of life,” Reid explained. “But once I started school the depression lifted. I felt freed.”

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Faculty Profile: Christine Malone

Christine-Malone_BS-Healthcare-AdministrationThroughout her 28 years in the healthcare field, CityU Professor and Academic Program Director Christine Malone has held a huge range of positions – from medical receptionist to clinic director – even serving as a political advocate for policies surrounding patient safety. Christine’s own personal connection to medical malpractice was part of her motivation for working with politicians like Al Gore to pass patient safety legislation. Christine continues to stay tuned-in to healthcare policies and recently updated the textbook she authored to include information on the Patient Protection Act and Affordable Care Act, and changes in diagnostic coding. In this Q&A interview she talks about her start in healthcare, her transition into teaching, and what students can expect to learn in CityU’s B.S. in Healthcare Administration.

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MBA Case Competition at CityU

Team-Concept_Case-CompetitionIt was crunch time. The fate of United Cereal rested with CityU’s MBA teams that had a mere 72 hours to determine the best course of action for the breakfast food giant.

In CityU’s first-ever MBA Case Competition, students had four days to analyze a case study, devise strategic options and present business recommendations to our panel of judges. The mock business scenario involved a potential European brand challenge for United Cereal.

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CityU Publishes ‘Strategies for Teaching Leadership’ Textbook

Strategies-for-Teaching-Leadership_Proven-Practices-in-Higher-Education_City-University-of-SeattleQuality leadership can help slingshot businesses to success, and a lack of leadership can leave organizations floundering. Recognizing this growing field – and increasingly popular educational track for students – City University of Seattle recently published its third book in its Proven Practices for Higher Education series.

Strategies for Teaching Leadership serves as a guidebook for educators and professionals looking to learn more about leadership techniques.

“…there are theoretical underpinnings to leadership and lessons to be learned from styles and application that can make one a better and more effective leader. It is these aspects, and how one goes about transferring those attributes and knowledge in the most efficient and meaningful way to students, on which the chapters in this book focus.”

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CityU’s Online Programs Rank Third in Washington

Edudemic_CityU-Ranks-Third-Best-Online-College-in-WashingtonCity University of Seattle’s online programs ranked third among other online colleges and universities within Washington State. The list, compiled by Edudemic, measured 130 schools throughout the state and compared them based on five main criteria: performance, financial aid, career services, responsiveness, and transparency.

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