Top 30 Historically Black Colleges In the United States, colleges and universities dedicated to black students have existed since the 19th century. Such schools would come to be known as historically black colleges and universities or HBCUs for short. Today there are over 100 institutions that identify as HBCUs. Using our established rankings methodology, we assessed the merits of all 104 and created a list of the 30 best. Continue reading…

Bee Booth at the Washington Fair

It had been a while since I talked to kids about bees, and I forgot what great questions they come up with. On Friday I volunteered at the Washington State Fair at the Bee Booth, and spent four hours talking about how cool bees were, pointing out the queens in our two observation hives and stamping tiny hands with rubber bee cut-outs.


It must have been field-trip-to-the-fair day because it seemed like every 15 minutes another group of tiny people showed up, shepherded by their taller teachers with the neon yellow flags. With little kids you give them the run-down of what the worker bees, drones and queen look like, ask them how many eggs do they think the queen lays, and then ask if they know what bees make.

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Top 50 Colleges with Active Jewish Communities¬†Jewish students are a unique minority in the collegiate world. Their identities, while grounded in a living faith, also revolve around an ancient cultural heritage with historical and geopolitical considerations that remain relevant. Perhaps the overriding attribute of Jewish identity is the emphasis on supporting their community, regardless of the scale. For many incoming Jewish freshmen, the presence of a Jewish student body on-campus is as crucial as the general academic and social merits of the institution. Such communities offer a unique source of support, providing a place to worship, Kosher meals and faith-backed extracurriculars. Continue reading…