“The place where men become gods.” This was the slogan for Teotihuacan – the ancient city about one hour from Mexico City. And while that may have been true for its estimated 200,000 – 250,000 inhabitants who lived there during its peak, because Dave is already known as Jesus del barrio, perhaps it didn’t work on us.


Like Templo Mayor these ruins also show levels of inhabitancy, beginning in 100 BC until it was abandoned around the 8th centtury. Some of the really ancient stuff was covered up by subsequent rulers who wanted to go bigger and better.


However, in the early 1900s the archeologist who discovered Teotihuacan, Leopoldo Batres, began restoring the site and did so incorrectly. For instance he created five tiered sections to summit the enormous Piramide del Sol instead the original four. Either way, still pretty cool to see.


Here’s the adjacent Priamide de la Luna


April 7, 2014