Serendipitously, we headed to Guanajuato City the same day the entire state holds its own festival and celebrates the Virgen de la Dolorosa – aka Dolores. Not sure that I ever really grasped the full meaning of the holiday, but the entire city came out this morning to stand in line for free popsicles.


The men are supposed to buy flowers for their ladies and the kids are supposed to throw eggshells filled with confetti at one another.


The first egg I got a hold of I chucked on the ground, wanting to hear that popping noise. But after getting more than a few looks from locals, Elyse asked a vendor what you’re supposed to do with the eggs — for good measure — and turns out kids smash them over their friends’ heads.


Didn’t make the most sense, but still made for a good mini vacation.

April 12, 2014