Elyse is our tourguide for the next two weeks. And because she’s technically a local — for at least a year — we’re getting the VIP treatment in Mexico City. Her friend Angel is an architect whose company was hired to help the sinking 19th century Catedral Metropolitana that was built atop Aztec and Mexica ruins. His office is in the crypt of the church, and during his extremely long lunch break Angel was able to give us the complete tour — including a trip up to the bell towers. Here we are on top of one of the inside arches.


This window is part of the highest ceiling in the cathedral.



Here’s Templo Mayor, which was part of the original Mexico City (Tenochtitlan) and was first built in the 1300s and unearthed in the 1970s. The cathedral was built on top of the ruins and is now sagging in the middle, slowly sinking back into what used to be a lake. Angel’s architectural firm was hired to figure out how to make the massive church at least sink evenly.


April 1, 2014