We rode up Quito’s gondola today, called the TeleferiQo, which was very reminiscent of Medellin’s metrocable. It dumps you off at the top — at 12,300 feet — where there are supposedly stunning views of the city.¬†Because we had rode up just after the afternoon thunderstorm had passed, the clouds at the top were pretty persistent. But here’s what we were able to see.


Unlike Medellin, however, there’s not much of a park at the top of the TeleferiQo. Instead it’s sort of a free for all, with 11 km of hiking trails that snake around the Pichincha volcano.


Here’s our attempt at a self-timed photo.


And, when you get to the bottom, before you can exit, you have to walk through a sort of randomly placed amusement park. Sadly, like the rest of South America, none of the rides were designed for Dave the giant white guy.



March 29, 2014