So this should give you an idea of how cool we were in Colombia, at least in the eyes of kindergarteners. Every day (except Wednesdays and any unscheduled days off, making the average work-week about three days long) we were greeted by this wild pack of 5-year-olds who enthusiastically cheered us on as we walked the last part of the dirt road into the high school.

Our actual students — 10th graders who ranged in age from 14 to 18 — weren’t quite as happy to see us every day, but that’s probably because they’re too cool to chant “Los Grin-Gos!” Here they are on our last day of class (the giant in the middle is Dave, and yes, “Dios es amor”). Hopefully some of them will remember that adjectives come before nouns in English. It’s not underwear pink!


February 25, 2014