As part of our field trip to Santa Elena, we stopped at Paola’s friend’s mushroom farm, aptly named Funglus because of its unique growing system. “Fung” because of its copious amounts of mushrooms, and “lus” because igloo in Spanish is iglú. This photo might make more sense:


And, as a bonus, we were lucky enough to encounter one of these iglús this weekend in Parque Arvi. If you take the metro toward Santo Domingo the train actually comes to the end of the line and then you transfer (for free!) to a metrocable system called Line K. This will take you over the city and drop you in Santo Domingo where you have to transfer (and pay) if you want to continue riding up the mountain into Parque Avi. It’s 4,200 pesos per person ($2.10) and totally worth it. Not only do you get a spectacular view of Medellin on your way up, but the park itself is a great destination.


On Saturdays there’s a farmers’ market of sorts where the metrocable drops you off, and here’s where we found more Funglus! On our visit to the farm we weren’t able to sample anything, so yesterday we chowed down. We ordered the marinated and grilled portobello, the stuffed shroom with ham and cheese and, la piece de resistance, the mushroom ceviche. While all three were scrumptious, the ceviche was the crowd favorite.


And, because I snagged a brochure from Funglus last week, I have the delicious recipe. Here it is:

2 Cups white mushrooms
1/2 Cup red onion diced finely
1/4 Cup red and green peppers diced finely
1 Tablespoon cilantro chopped
1 1/4 Cup lime juice and zest
Salt and pepper

Let marinate for at least 10 minutes (though I think ours had been sitting for a while)

Eat with crackers

February 16, 2014