So if you ever find yourself in Colombia, or even in a Colombian restaurant for that matter, remember: You can’t go wrong with mondongo. It sounds weird — and can easily be confused with that movie ticket company Fandango — but it’s worth trying. Dave has had it in two authentic restaurants so far and I’ve looked on jealously.

Basically it’s a bowl of mystery meat soup in a really fatty broth with chunks of papas, zanahorias and peas. But the best part is you get an entire plate of items that are enhanced when covered in mondongo. For example, today Dave ordered his standby and got the bowl of soup plus half an avocado, a pile of rice, two lime wedges and a fried rice cake. At a fancy restaurant in Medellin the mondongo also came with an entire banana, which, honestly, we ate as a dessert, not really knowing whether we should chop it up for the soup. Still, great meal for mas o menos $5.


January 17, 2014