Today was only our fourth day of teaching English to our eleventh-graders, but I think we’re already pretty cool in their eyes. Our class is comprised of about 15 students ranging from age 14 to 18. There’s Jefferson who knows some English already and cracks open his seriously dated Spanish-English dictionary to throw out random phrases like “the people of Amaga are gay.” Then there’s the three 14-year-old girls who sit in the front, yet still shut their eyes and refuse to open their notebooks. There’s also the guy in the corner with a mullet whose notes look like works of art – he has quite the array of colored, sparkley pens.

Despite their age differences they work fairly well together, and I think have even learned a few English phrases. Today Dave and I taught them “What is your phone number” and we got a few giggles of understanding.

January 23, 2014