Also, Dave got attacked by a dog on Friday. Well, “attacked” is a strong word. This dog fully intended on attacking him – and even chomped on the side pockets on Dave’s pants, but that was as far as he got. We were on the last leg of our journey home, walking down the gravelly path from Amaga center to Paola’s hostel that usually takes about 20 minutes. We had encountered this dog on other occasions and duly noted his insanity at the way he incessantly barked at us and followed any passerby for the full length of his territory.

On Friday he was really raring for a fight. Maybe because it was dusk he felt more threatened by us, or maybe his insanity builds up over the weekdays and culminates on Friday nights. Either way, as we approached we saw him stop and stare us down. He looks like a medium-sized Doberman, but is a bit stockier and doesn’t have the pointy ears. As we got closer hunkered down on all fours – kind of like a cat getting ready to pounce – and his growl grew louder. We tried our best to approach him calmly, walking swiftly and not making eye contact but that didn’t stop him from circling our legs, barking like crazy and trying to draw blood from Dave’s pocket. While we made it through this encounter unscathed (Dave just got some dirt of his pants) today we made sure to stash a stick near the beginning of his territory, and Paola said she’d have a word with the owner. Maybe that worked, or maybe he’s a Catholic dog, but today he wasn’t in his usual place.

January 26, 2014