Today was the first day of our whirlwind schedule yet somehow I still found myself in bed by 8:30. I think we just managed to compress time enough until it surrendered. Surviving mostly on our mental clocks – put to the test by the Colombian sense of punctuality – we were able to attend meditation, eat breakfast, weed a garden, attend Spanish class, teach an English class, do some more weeding, eat lunch, take a siesta, jerry-rig a rain barrel, cook dinner and eat dinner. Near the end of the day, the changing hour elicited a Pavlovian response from me that was slowly leaning toward detesting yard work. But cooking dinner easily lifted our spirits. Today was our day to play Iron Chef Amaga. Dave, Bria and I were presented with a kitchen counter full of ingredients and asked to prepare a meal for nine people. The special ingredient? Radishes. Pulling an old favorite from my days in Peru, we made potato-lentil veggie burgers with radish, broccoli and ginger stirfry. Muchas gracias Morimoto.

January 14, 2014