It seems I can’t stay away. The shiny machines and all-knowing internet has scooped me back up. This month I traded in my English teacher’s cuaderno for Michael’s laptop after agreeing to make a for his company Procasa. I’ll spend my last two weeks in Peru pretty much doing what I did in the states…sort of.

I’ve come to realize office life is quite different in Peru than in the U.S. Although it’s a 10+ person office, at times, I’m the only one who comes into work. Not that I’m complaining. My work is extremely independent and it’s somewhat of a struggle to talk with my co-workers anyway.

While the internet in the office is top-notch for Peru – and most of the time it works lightning fast – there’s just one catch. You get disconnected when the phone rings. This is really unfortunate when you’re trying to upload or download large files.

But so far, I’m more than content. The hours are…come as you please (I think), lunch usually lasts about two hours and is provided by either Michael or Guido and to top it off there’s free instant coffee!

November 5, 2013