Dave helped me move out of Almeria this week. With only two weeks left in Peru I’ve decided to work full time for Michael’s company, Procasa, dedicating the rest of my stay to making procasasac.com.

Dave at Almeria

Walking with Dave up the dirt road the kids could barely contain their giggles triggered by la gringuita’s red-headed companion. He was probably the tallest guy they’ve ever seen, let alone a man with long hair. I’m sure he was quite puzzling. The other Katy – in second grade – gave him a once-over after I explained he was my novio. She sort of studied him, decided he was acceptable and then gave us an excited “Ciao.”


While it was hard to say goodbye to everyone, I’m sure the ducks, dogs, rabbits and bees will be in good hands with Baltezar. I was too afraid to count the ducks before I left because each week we seem to lose one or two, but quickly looking them over I could still pick out all my favorites. Adios todos: Coco, Runty, Crazy Girl, Adam, Adam Lookalike 1, Adam Lookalike 2, Steckles, Dave, Lady Dave, Fo-hawk…

Katy and the perritos

November 6, 2013