Ain’t no party like a Jesus party!

So we partied with Jesus last night. Rather, Jesus – our friend the cheesemonger – stopped by with his two friends and a nylon sack filled with beer. We had made very loose plans earlier in the day, which ended with “If you’re not at our house by 8:30, we’re going to sleep.” Poor Mads got in bed at 7:30 and was just getting comfortable when we heard the obnoxious ring of Almeria’s bell. Jesus said he had forgotten his friend’s birthday, so I suppose as retribution he brought the crew to our place. We are a novelty act, after all.

Waltzing in like he owned the place, Jesus started handing me crap that had recently made its home on our kitchen table, and I hurriedly found places for our English workbooks, Toy Story stickers we use as rewards, empty tea cups, etc. Once we dragged a now very snarky Mads out of bed, we all sat down to play a game of cards. Not really big on playing cards, we decided to teach the boys an easy one – asshole. But, the name presented a bit of a translation problem for us. The two of us know “good” Spanish, “school” Spanish, if you will. Besides the occasional joder bomb from Oscar, I really have no dirty words in my foreign language arsenal. So Mads dug deep and retrieved the one she knew that was probably the most similar to asshole – cabrón. When we announced this translated name to the boys, they just about fell out of their chairs laughing. And the best part of this game called cabrón, is each round there’s a cabrón who usually ends up doing silly tasks and generally making a cabrón of himself.

After about the 10th time Mads and I had doled out this word in a very declarative way, Jesus let us know that in Peru, it was a particularly bad word. And, thanks to Wikipedia, I’ve just realized what our asshole translation actually means. Apparently cabrón literally translates as male goat, and in many Latin American countries it does in fact means asshole. But, in Peru – according to Wikipedia – our lovely card game title is: a reference to a homosexual, hence cabrón is a superlative form (“big faggot”/”flaming faggot”). Yowsers, sorry Jesus et al. Plus, add in the fact that Peru is fairly big on the whole machismo thing, I’m sure these boys got a huge kick out of our little game. Ah, gringuitas. Always good for a laugh.

October 24, 2013