Cheese-makersMads and I tried our hand at making cheese today. And, as promised, in return for our free labor, Jesus fed us lunch — a delicious plato tipico that his mom whipped up. Turns out, this week, Jesus was hosting a few Bolivians as part of an inter-cambio to share secrets of the cheese-making process. And, being gringuitas, we were invited along on every one of their events, mostly to add a little novelty to the whole exchange. Sort of a “hey, look at my lady friends; know anyone we can marry them off to?”

Aside from the not-so-subtle attempts at setting us up with Bolivian husbands, the making cheese and yogurt part was pretty cool. Today we only made a small batch — eight rounds of mild Swiss-style cheese with oregano. Mads and I were there for the whole process, from pasteurizing the milk, to adding cultures and salt, to pouring off the water, and finally setting them in their circular molds.


October 11, 2013