We did it. We actually, finally went to one of Cusco’s infamous discotecas. For more than two months this has been a lofty, elusive plan, suggested by both Oscar and Michael (Guido’s son), but like many plans in Peru it never materialized. And, it’s a good thing we went last night because we were starting to become the weird Americans who would rather get in bed at 8:30 and read a little, as opposed to experiencing Peru’s nightlife. But, after working at Michael’s office until way past our 8:30 bedtime, we realized it was in fact Friday night, so why not do as the Peruvians do. That, and Michael’s office is right next-door to a bar that employs a gentleman who will walk over with a tray of hot toddys for a minimal fee.

Around midnight, the four of us –me, Mads, Michael and Michael’s co-worker Cali – all headed down the two blocks to a small cobblestone alley that blared a thumping techno beat from all sides. We slipped into one discoteca and started dancing to the synthesized salsa beat. For the most part Cali, a former salsa instructor, showed us up on moves and lyrics. And, having done very little physical activity in more than two months because of the altitude here, Mads and I were struggling with some chest pain that eventually subsided. But, we didn’t let that stop us. And we were egged on even more when the DJ threw in a few songs that had somewhat recognizable English lyrics. Clearly appreciating that gesture more than the Cusqueñas, Mads and I had no problem belting out some classic Journey tunes.

October 26, 2013