For a few glorious days, Mads and I have the privilege of experiencing Cusco as actual tourists, and first-class ones at that. Mads’ mom Ruth arrived early Monday morning and we immediately checked into the Royal Inka Hotel. I feel like MTV will pop in any minute to shoot Cusco Cribz. Our room is just so lavish compared to our quarto in Almeria and even the hostel we normally stay at near the Plaza de Armas. It has three fluffy beds and a giant window that you can actually pull curtains across. For two months now, Mads and I have been getting up at the actual crack of dawn because that’s when our room floods with light and it’s pretty hard to fall back asleep. Granted we usually fall asleep by 8:30. Sadly I still woke up around 6:30 this morning out of sheer habit.

And with Ruth in town, every meal is first-rate. We’ve already hit up two restaurants that we would normally write-off as out-of-the-question, and made sure the lick the plates clean like we were headed for the electric chair the next day. Ruth gets a kick out of ravenous nature and the Jewish mom in her makes sure we’ve somehow packed in seconds and thirds until we can hardly move. Muchas gracias mamaita.

Las palabras del dia
Mamaita — I basically made this one up. Normally you can “ita” and add it to any word to make the small version. And Ruth is definitely a little mama.

October 15, 2013