Oscar arrived this morning to oversee parents day — apparently three times a year the parents of our students all come together to volunteer at Almeria. This morning they were tasked with planting papas. But, even more exciting than waking up to a long line of mothers with babies on their backs and pick-axes in their hands was that Oscar came bearing a small-child of a package that had journeyed all the way from the USA. Mads’ “aunt” had sent her 22 lbs. of every non-essential you could think of, and we wasted no time indulging in the goodies. The three of us were practically royalty this morning as we enjoyed a lovely cup of tea accentuated by chocolate-covered acai berries.

As Mads kept pulling out more and more delicious items, piling conditioners on top of designer face creams on top of Italian biscotti and organic granola bars, Oscar surveyed our kitchen table and chuckled to himself. “Siempre en los estados,” he muttered as he skeptically examined a bag of Crystal Light lemonade packets. “Que consumo,” he added with a shake of his head. He was totally right. Everything in that package was exactly what had been missing from our lives thus far, and we hadn’t even realized it. That’s what a little fragrance and pretty packaging will do to you.

Later that night Mads and I experimented with the variety of hair treatments, lotions and foot scrubs, appreciating the irony that we weren’t even this pampered in the states. Thanks auntie Jeannine.

September 25, 2013