Today was our first day of teaching! After recess, Mads and I took the helm at second grade and tried our best to force-feed our 30-ish students some English phrases…for 45 minutes. For the most part, we got through some basics: Hello, Good afternoon, What’s your name, My name is. Though it’s difficult to say what they actually retained. Some of our time was spent trying to get everyone to sit and write, and I haven’t exactly mastered my Spanish commands, so I got a few quizzical looks. Still, a good percentage of them proved their copying skills, and, I suppose can wow their parents tonight when they read them “Good Afternoon.” And through some repeat-after-me, mostly all of them are set on Hello, and now shout it at las gringitas for practice.

I must admit, I thought this teaching gig might run more like Beautiful Minds, and Mads and I would be elegant Michelle Pheiffers shaping young minds through the power of English. But the classroom etiquette is a little too rambunctious for Pheiffers. I’ll have to channel another Hollywood role model. But in the meantime, Mads and I are slated to pedal our lessons to fourth-graders and 4-year-olds tomorrow, making the rounds from 3-year-olds to sixth-graders each week.

September 3, 2013