Back to school today, or at least, that’s what we figured when we woke up this morning. Alas, we were unaware that today was Dia de los Estudiantes as well as the first day of spring. We did, however, manage to sneak in our first English class with 5-year-olds who are actually getting pretty good at Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

The celebration started around 10 and involved all 300 (mas o menos) students, plus their teachers. As far as I can tell the event was more like a talent show than anything else. For about 20 minutes three of the oldest boys at Almeria put on some comedy skit that had the younger kids falling out of their plastic chairs laughing and almost choking on their gelatinas. One boy was the scapegoat stooge of the group, stumbling over invisible ditches and having his Xeroxed American money routinely stolen. About halfway through he was held up a knife-point by his classmate, which was sort of shocking to see at a school event, but the kids thought it was hilarious nonetheless.

Primavera festival

Then three profesoras paraded onto the small quad in some sort of traditional dress, combined with much more modern-looking tall, black leather boots. They sort of hula danced for 10 minutes, twirling around, getting only lukewarm reactions from the kids.

But, everyone perked up once the principal started passing out snacks, and later, lunch. Indeed today must have been a big deal because we killed one of our sheep to feed everyone. After downing strawberry yogurt and salt-less saltines, each kid got a heaping bowl of pasta, half a boiled potato and some mutton sauteed with onions and spices.

Turns out, Almeria’s meat isn’t too bad. The only problem was kids were mostly just picking the meat off the top, poking at the potato and ditching the bowl of white spaghetti. Good thing Mads was there to collect it all in our chancho bin. In fact she filled that sucker up three times, filling it to the brim with greasy pasta, sheep bones and the occasional papa. Our pigs have never been that excited. Even Flaca is starting to grow a belly. Yay for spring!

Las palabras del dia
Primavera — spring
Verano — summer
Invierno — winter
Autono — fall

September 23, 2013