Gooooooooollllllllll!!! Well, we only got to say that once last night, but still, for me and Mads, it was our first football game in South America. We’ve finally had a proper initiation. Last night’s game was ahoro o nunca for Peru — as Oscar’s son Co-co put it. It was their last chance at qualifying for the 2014 World Cup. Unfortunately Uruguay played pretty dirty, and even elbowed a star Peruvian player in the head. A move that elicited much protest from Oscar’s 10- and 12-year-old boys, along with some reenactments of when the blood started dripping past his eyebrow. But, like a true champion, that player stuck it out, and played the rest of the game with a hair net keeping his gauze in place.

By the second half it was pretty clear Peru was doomed, and the mood in Oscar’s living room started to fizzle. Oscar kept saying “Que pena,” meaning what a shame. I tried to commit this to memory so I’d have something to contribute — kind of glossed over the sports section in my Spanish book — but I got it confused with another familiar word, pelo, which means hair. Anyway, after the next tough call from the ref I offered a sympathizing “Que pelo” and Oscar just about died laughing. Glad I could lighten the mood.

Sidenote — yesterday we had our best English class yet! Sixth-graders currently take the cake for most enthusiastic and fastest learners. We were actually able to carry out mini “nice to meet you conversations” and most of them came up with the correct response to “What is your name?” Boo ya.

Las palabras del dia
Ahora o nunca — now or never
No paso nada — nothing happened
Que pena — what a shame
Falta — fault
Las honoro, las respeto y las quiero. — This is something one of Guido’s friends said to us while we devoured more cakes in his cafe. Apparently his friend really appreciated our work in Almeria, because he told us he honors us, respects us and loves us. Then he called us las mujeres especiales — special women. Awwww.
Guido, me gustan mucho todos tus postres. — Guido, I really like all of your desserts.

September 7, 2013