What grows more and more apparent everyday is that change is slow to materialize. Achingly slow. Oscar said it correctly this morning that as an outsider it’s extremely easy to distinguish right from wrong, dirty from clean, and good from bad by just glancing around Almeria. For instance, anyone could probably tell you students should be in a classroom, paying attention while their teacher carries out a lesson. But, more often than not, the kids here take it upon themselves to leave class early, deciding it’s time to play outside, or that climbing trees would be entirely more entertaining.

The same goes for our pueblita’s trash burning. Walking past one of our two trashcans while plastic burns and acrid smoke plumes not only scores your lungs as you mosey to class, but it’s nearly impossible to shake the creeping thought of long-term adverse health effects. It’s obviously a terrible idea, but as the gringuitas, who are we to say that Almeria should stop burning their garbage? Not to mention it’s pretty much ubiquitous throughout the Cusco municipality. But on the flipside, how are we supposed to stand idly and not even attempt to nudge change to take shape?

September 30, 2013