My bugs came back. Like a true turista, they gave me a real run for my money this time. And actually cost me 50 soles, instead of my dirt-cheap 2.40 soles like last time. Basically from 1 a.m. until I arrived at the clinic down the street around 9 a.m. I threw up between three and four times every hour…not exactly sleeping in between trips to the bathroom. Luckily Oscar decided to pop in on us that Wednesday morning, took one look at me, and rushed us down to Ancahausi.

While the doctor asked me my symptoms and Mads, thankfully, spoke for me, I made my point by heaving into a plastic shopping bag. After that the doctor listened to my stomach, declared there were some really, really mean bugs in there, and wrote me a script for an “atomic bomb” injection of antibiotics, as Oscar likes to say. Apparently this bout of throwing up could have been due to a dormant bug that resisted last week’s round of drugs, but hopefully this round will knock everything out.

I threw up one last time in the clinic, seconds after getting this shot, but made it back to Almeria to sleep it off for a bit. After about half and hour I woke up feeling great, and accepted Oscar’s invitation to recuperate at his place for the night. The vision of a couch, warm blanket and TV was far too tempting to pass up.

In addition to my atomic bomb, I also got meds that stop you from throwing up, good, plus another 7-day pack of a stronger antibiotic. Mmmm, I love the smell of antibiotics in the morning.

September 12, 2013