Today was Mads’ 26th! We started off with a bang — as Miercoles happens to be our busiest day of teaching. Our fourth-graders were star pupils, eating up our entire lesson in the 45-minute timeslot. Even the teacher got in on a little call-and-response action when it came to our rundown of Good morning, how are you? Our four-years-olds were also pretty enthused to have two gringitas wake them up just before heading home. Those guys, hopefully, will be singing their English ABCs in just another week or two. We rounded out our classes with third grade, which was another exceptionally excited group. These guys also blew through our greetings, colors and numbers, but we’ll save classroom objects for next week. Just as Mads and I were packing up to leave, the third graders decided this was their chance to snag the gringritas’ autographs and pretty soon we had pens and notebooks shoved at us right and left like we were Micky Mouse in Disney World.

After class Mads and I headed to Cusco with chocolate cake on the brain. We got to Guido’s and settled in to another amazing lunch, topped off with, yes, b-day cake, and — this isn’t an exaggeration here — the best rice pudding in the world. It’s called arroz con leche here and it’s unreal.

For birthday stop number 2, Mads decided it was time to check out how Peruvians do Chinese food. Pretty well actually. After we stuffed our faces with fried rice and noodles, we capped off the night with a beer at Oscar’s. Not a bad way to turn 26. Happy birthday roommie.

Las palabras del dia
I thought I should tout my mad skills here and give you a taste of our daily life.
Principal Clemente es el vecino de la duena del queseria fabuloso. – Principal Clemente is the neighbor of the owner of the fabulous cheeseshop.

September 4, 2013