we unveiled our chancho bin! Really it’s just a bucket that we carry around and ask kids to throw in their apple cores, banana peels, orange rinds and whatever else pigs might find appetizing and edible. We were a little unsure as to how our — essentially it’s a trash bin — would go over, but once you win one second-grader, pretty soon you’ve won them all. Being gringitas also worked in our favor, because we tend to attract attention no matter what we’re doing.

By mid-lunchtime we had a whole gang of 6- and 7-year-olds following us around picking up orange peels, rummaging for discarded bananas and digging up crackers all in the name of happy chanchos. This was part one of What to do with your trash. Hopefully we can move onto Littering es no bueno, and finally Hey, how about we don’t burn garbage.


Las palabras del dia
Organicos — organics
Cascara — peels
Chanchos — pigs, though this word is only used in Peru. Cerdos is more commonly used.

September 17, 2013