After hauling close to 40 cinderblocks and digging six foot-and-a-half deep holes, Mads and I were almost able to finish the duck house today. We fixed the door, paved the inside with cement blocks and covered it with dried grass for bedding, dug post holes and planted the six logs that Baltezar had cut for the frame of the duck tunnel. The idea is to build a tunnel from the door to the small pond and cover it in chicken-wire so we won’t have any more perrito-patito encounters. Easier said then done when the only chicken-wire that’s available is part of a dilapidated fence. That’s where we hit our roadblock. We managed to clip out some chunks of bent and broken wire from the fence, but not enough before the sun set. While I very much appreciate the recycling mindset at Almeria, I wish things were maintained a bit better — that way they’d be infinitely easier to reuse.

Mads in the duck house

Las palabras del dia
Wacos — holes
Madera — wood
Pico — pick-ax (This is definitely the Peruvian tool of choice. People use it for planting seeds, breaking up manure, weeding, digging post holes and just about any other outdoor task.)

September 26, 2013