Our first day of teaching! Well, almost. First Oscar swept us away to Cusco to buy teaching materials. You know those DVD pirating warnings that are embedded in virtually every movie nowadays? Well, I think they’re directed at Peru. After visiting several very sophisticated video stores — where you make your selection, and the clerk burns you a brand new copy — we came out with a slew of cinematic English fodder for our classes.

But with the afternoon sun all making us a bit parched, Oscar decided it was probably time to sit and have a beer together. Ironically he chose probably the most touristy bar in Cusco — Paddy’s Pub. But, if you have to go somewhere for beer, you might as well trust the Irish. Mads and I were a bit aprehensive, as we haven’t tasted booze since our final night in the states, we’ve both dropped a few pounds, and Paddy’s was the self-proclaimed only Irish pub over 11,000 feet. Still, it went down pretty easy. A little giddy after the first round, we followed Oscar to another bar across the street, which had his favorite viewing spot in the city. After a second round, Oscar thankfully ordered some food that Mads and I subsequently devoured.

Back in the carro to Izcuchaca, I fell asleep, fat, dumb and happy.

Las palabras del dia

Well — pues
Almost — casi

September 2, 2013