Guilty machoI hate to say I told you so, but really, this was a no-brainer. Oscar popped in on us this morning (doing yoga, which was actually pretty funny) brimming with excitement because today he wanted to move the patitos into the great outdoors. Only one problem, the duck-house was in no way ready. Sure there’s a house out there that used to house many a water foul, but the fence surrounding the cinderblock home has fallen apart and anyone — more importantly any animal — can pretty much waltz into the duck-house and chow down on yummy little patitos. Mads and I repeatedly asked Oscar whether the ducklings would be safe in their door-less home, pointing out the four dogs that live in Almeria, not to mention the other dozen or so that show up for lunchtime, are all ravenous and would love the opportunity to gulp down some duckling. Oscar said yes, of course they’d be safe. We’d dump the little guys in their house for now, Baltezar would make a door, and Oscar would have a chat with our puppies.

Well, he did talk to them. But the wiliest of our four perritos (my favorite, the one Mads and I call Noche) really, did not listen. After coming back from class, Mads and I headed down to the duck-house planning to give them some vitamin-enriched water when we noticed one duckling had a splotch of red on his back, bleeding into his yellow feathers. Looking over the duck-house entrance we noticed four very dead patitos laid across the roof of their unfinished house, each in a different stage of dismemberment. Hilda (Baltezar’s girlfriend) came running up behind us just as we noticed the dead ones. She said the culprit was the la negrita, and Noche had gone crazy-Peru-dog on six of our ducklings who had been sunning themselves just outside the front of the house. Easy pickins for Noche.

We scooped up the remaining 14 patitos, cleared out an old rabbit pen, barricaded the door with some cinderblocks (we’ve had issues with the pigs sneaking into the rabbit pen and eating the little ones), and plopped them into their new home. They seemed content, and will be an even 20 again by this weekend.

Dead ducks

Las palabras del dia
Perritos — Puppies
La negrita — the little black one
Noche — night

September 19, 2013