Being Friday, no ninos stomped by our apartment this morning to wake us up. Instead, we woke up to what sounded like white noise from a small fan, only to find out it was rain pinging the plastic tarp that covers our courtyard. Come to find out, today was the first sprinkle of the rainy season! Looking out our kitchen window, the landscape had changed overnight. Those picture-perfect puffy clouds and clear skies had morphed into mountains from a Led Zeppelin song, shredding low-hanging grey whisps

Baltezar could barely contain his grin, telling us that his pasture desperately needed the water to grow grass to feed the chanchos. But, for us, the overcast day meant the sun would never really heat things up, so Mads and I were a bit chilly in our painting clothes, with the temperature hovering around 50 degrees.

Luckily we were indoors. Unluckily, however, today was the day we reserved to put together our — what we like to call — death-trap scaffolding. In a nice way, let’s say there’s no way this contraption would be OSHA approved.

Still, Baltezar came by and said “bien hecho” when he saw the wires we used to fasten the bars together. In the end though, we came out unscathed, and the ceiling nicely coated.

Las palabras del dia
El pasto – pasture
La falta – bar
El alambre – wire

August 23, 2013