It’s the weekend, which means we’re back in Cusco. No complaints here, Cusco is a lovely city, though, dare I say, the touristy parts — with their cobblestones and clean sidewalks — are a bit more easy on the eyes than some other parts we’ve trudged through. Ok, it’s probably not fair to generalize most of the municipality, and Oscar took us to a a pretty swanky looking part of town, but our mile-long path from where the car drops us off at the Place de Santiago is ripe with some pretty offensive and regrettably memorable sights and smells.

Today as we wove our way through the complicated sidewalks, stepping over ladies selling fruit, soup, popcorn, toilet paper, pretty much anything you can imagine, I braced myself for one intersection in particular. Last weekend, what caught our eye at this crossroads was the site of an old lady hunkered over some rejected animal innards, pawing through them like there might be gold at the bottom. Now, with this vivid image unfortunately in mind, I held my breath as we walked by the same spot, and just when I thought it was safe, I inhaled with relief, looked to me right and came face-to-face with that damn headless, skinless, but still mostly intact, chanco (pig), that had been there last week — or at least this was his friend. That was followed up by a 4-year-old boy peeing into the street off the sidewalk, probably taking aim at passing traffic. Ah Cusco.

August 30, 2013