Ok, so when they say “don’t drink the water!” they really mean it. Yep, Mads and I closed out our one-week anniversary in Almeria by hugging the toilet and throwing up in the middle of the night… we’re so cute. But, to our credit it’s not like we came home from work and thought, “hmmm a tall glass of water sounds delightful.” No, in fact, the way the water snuck into our dinner is much more nefarious.

It all began in Izcuchaca yesterday when Mads and I jointly decided it was time to spice up our usual vegetable regimen of potatoes, carrots and onions with a little greenery. One giant bag of espinaca (spinach) por favor. We had macaroni on the mind, so we cooked up some elbows, sauteed our usual root vegetables, and decided to err on the safe side and threw our spinach into the boiling pasta water to blanch it — and kill off any lurking, dirty amoebas. But, alas, there were a few too many shiny delicious spinach leaves and hardly enough water to boil them all. So, stroke of genius — more water!

Womp, womp. That’s where the water delivered it’s wallop right to the stomach. We added in about a bowlful more of agua, but didn’t bring the entire pot back to boiling. Yipes. Needless to say I definitely learned my lesson… and I’m not sure if spinach and I will ever be the same again.

Las palabras del dia
El estomago – stomach
Dolor de estomago – stomachache (Sadly I could not accept Yami’s cookies today.)
La espinaca – spinach
Sarnoso/a – itchy

August 22, 2013