We knew we liked him right off the bat. And he definitely scored points when he asked what our Zodiac sign was, and then proceeded to tell us how he was a romantic, impulsive and charismatic Cancer. This might sound like a creeper in a track suit was pulling a pretty lame pick-up line, but no, Guido was genuine. And, because we apparently only make friends with people under 10 and over 45, Guido was in his 50s and the owner of a very new and extremely delicious cafe in Cusco.

The conversation started off as usual — curious Peruvian inquires about our nationality, professions and why we’re in the area. But we instantly won Guido over after telling him about our work in Almeria and how we plan to stay there until January. He said he appreciated that we wanted to really experience the culture and learn the language. After a few minutes he declared he was going to talk with his wife, tell her he met two American volunteers, and have us over to his three-floor house. Bam, Peruvian dad, on loan until January.

August 31, 2013