Today I met my 7-year-old Peruvian counterpart. As Mads and I were going through round two of painting the outside of our escuela, kids started to approach us and ask questions. Slowly at first, but then others followed once they noticed we didn’t bite. The bravest second-grader was a girl named Yamileth who immediately befriended us by drawing us pictures and telling us about her dog with a ridiculously long name that entirely escapes me. Clearly we were intriguing.

Luckily the 7-year-olds speak my level of Spanish, so I was more than happy to answer Como te llamas and Que te gusta? Pretty soon we had a crowd, and as I answered “Me llamo Katy” a quiet 7-year-old, barely visible under her Blossom hat, replied “yo tambien.” And it’s spelled the same! Apparently the whole “y” trend and creative spelling for first names is international. Who knew? She later came back with a letter that said she liked the work we’re doing, and I told her in my broken Spanish that I would write back esta noche.

This was our first day working outside while school was in session (not sure why they don’t come on Fridays) and I think we were a hit. The kids peppered us with questions pretty much the whole time we worked, which not only made time fly, but allowed us to practice. Three boys especially like Mads’ ability to translate Spanish words into English. As she called out words like red, green, rock, plum, they yelled each one, and then dissolved into laughter. All the kids seem to have at least a basic understanding of English vocab, like numbers and colors, and each one said they want to learn more. Hopefully, that’s where we come in.

Las palabras del dia

Las gotas – drips
Gotear – to drip
Geletina – Jello
La soga – rope

August 19, 2013