Madeline and I made it to Cusco! After three flights (two on Spirit Airlines, which doesn’t provide food or beverages even on international flights), two long cab rides and one overnight stay in Lima, Mads and I finally boarded our last airbus and got our primero view of the Andes.

View of the Andes Coming into Cusco

Getting back to Lima airport took a surprisingly long time, but our cab driver was both an expert in navigating congested, tiny streets, and chatting. While Mads got an obscure vocab lesson, I parsed together some elementary Espanol and delivered it in my French accent. He commented on our massive mochilas and said we needed some boyfriends to carry such heavy bags. I told him mi novio le gustan las mochilas mas pequenos!

By the time we got back to the airport, Mads and I had to get in line to board, and didn’t have time to eat a third Dunkin Donuts bagle in two days — the foodcourt in Lima was like a NYC flashback, with Papa Johns, Dunkin and other glaringly American options. Luckily, this airline (which I thought was called Taca, but is Avianca at the airport) serves drinks and snacks! Some shortbread fig newton thing saved the day.

August 14, 2013