Nearing the two-week mark of living at elevation, Mads and I decided to test our sea-legs today, and headed up the nearest hill the surrounds Almeria. I say hill, but really we’re starting the hike at around 9,000 feet, which you all but forget until you’re 20 paces in and wheezing. Still, after only walking for a few minutes, the eucalyptus trees give way to a spectacular view of our pueblita, which is nestled in a narrow valley that looks straight up at bald, snow-capped peaks on both sides. Having given her inner-backpacker just a taste of Peruvian hiking, Mads set her sights on the mountains across the street, planning on conquering them once the days get a bit longer.


Las palabras del dia
Yami taught me this little ditty today, along with its hand-game — Manzanitas de Peru, quantos anos tienes tu? …there’s a bit more to the song where she chimes in “tengo siete anos” and then we count to nine in English, I think, because she keeps forgetting how to say ten… Can’t fault a girl for tryin.

August 26, 2013