Our second Saturday means another trip to Cusco to splurge on chocolate caliente, wifi and hot showers. (The shower in our apartment works, but call me nostalgic for simple hot/cold knobs that work instantly. Ok, fine, we’re lazy and spoiled and have no one to impress during the weekdays.)

This time we got smart about our stay in the big city. We were looking for authentic Peruvian food, followed by a night cap of hot chocolate. Unfortunately our first attempt at dinner led us to a lunch-only restaurant that was shut down by 7, so we went for second-best, but still authentic, which turned out to be our first go at local fast food.

It was basically the Popeye’s of Peru, selling combos of chicken pieces with french fries and a Coke. I got the Lomo something-or-other, because it was the only one with a somewhat enticing photo on the menu. Mads later informed me lomo means back… but back of what? We asked the waitress what type of meat that was and she said “res.” Ah yes, of course. Haven’t learned that particular animal in the farm section of my Spanish workbook, but clever gringitas never leave home without their Spanish-English dictionary! Mmm, only thing is, turns out (at least according to our dictionary) res means beast. So yea, had me some roast beast tonight, which actually turned out to be covered in grease and quite delicious. Score one for Peruvian Popeye’s.

Las palabras del dia
Grasa – grease
Saludable – healthy
Menu – menu

August 24, 2013