Ok, so las gringatas got caught. But, in the true tourista defense, we didn’t know we were breaking the law to begin with. Let me rewind. Remember our lucky find of the two-soles ride, where, if you forego a seatbelt, a facing-forward seat and leg-room, they’ll knock off an extra sol for the trip to Cusco? Well, apparently that’s frowned upon by law enforcement, and as Mads and I hurtled backwards toward Izcuchaca today, a sweet little voice of the 6-year-old in a real seat told las gringitas to get down and hide from the 5-0.

As we put two and two together from the hatchback of our amenable driver’s Toyota Succeed, the traffic cop peered her head through the back window, and tallied up the passengers to a cool nine. I should note however, one of these was the driver himself and two were under the age of six. Still, clearly there were not enough seatbelts to go around, and she wrote him a nice ticket. Mads and I watched the entire process from our sunken viewpoints, not brazen enough to actually sit up. I did though, snap this gem as she was walking away, toward her next victim.


August 31, 2013