Oscar met us at the airport and drove us the 40 km to the school where we greeted by pigs (chanchos), sheep, rabbits and four perritos who followed us around. The grounds looked barren, as August is the tail-end of winter. But, each week, Oscar said, the temperature will rise a few degrees. The rainy season will follow, running from October through January. Entonces, todos van estar verde.

Almeria Solidaria

Almeria Solidaria apartmentThe “project,” as it’s referred to, has recently lost much of its funding from Spain due to the recession, so Madeline and I will probably try to find some grants. While we’re here, Oscar said we’ll start off by painting two of the smaller classrooms. He also seemed very excited at the prospect of us teaching English. I asked him about las abejas — and told him I already had a funder — and he said punta madre!

Looks like Madeline and I will be roommies! We’re sharing a room off the courtyard of the school, complete with una cocina y un bano. On our way to Almeria, Oscar stopped at a minimart so we could buy… eggs, yogurt, water and cookies. Tomorrow we’ll head to the market.

August 14, 2013