Bees have gone urban! But luckily there are plenty of city-dwellers looking for a part of that sweet beekeeping action. Kim Flottum, author of The Backyard Beekeeper and editor of Bee Culture magazine, spoke Monday night about the explosion of urban beekeeping and what hobbyists can do to ensure the trend doesn’t fizzle out, but builds enough momentum to drive a movement.

Thanks to Toni and City Bees, about 50 beekeepers from the area heard Flottum discuss the early pitfalls of backyard beekeeping that inevitably lead to its decline in popularity during the mid 70s. As the green movement picked up speed in the late 60s, Flottum said interest in beekeeping grew rapidly. However, after a few years had passed and the novelty had worn off, the beekeepers who were left got careless, complacent and arrogant, which, he urged, should set an example of what not to do.