“…we came through the depression by the skin of our teeth; one more tight squeeze like that and where will we be?” — Thorton Wilder.

Recession, depression, inflation, oh my! These words resurface as another economic struggle looms ahead, but if history offers any proof, Americans will be able to pull through it. Their perseverance for survival is the basis of Thorton Wilder’s play, “The Skin of Our Teeth”… Continue reading

Konover Residential Corporation will replace New England Realty as the managing company for 13 off-campus properties by mid-November.

New England Realty has been managing the 13 complexes since ING insurance purchased the properties in 2006. Mark Melhuish, who manages investments for the ING U.S. Community Living Fund, said there was no specific reason as to why ING decided to turn over management, but that Konover’s managing approach is “customer-oriented and very well-organized,” he said.